We are committed to making the impossible possible, as we believe that the human body is extraordinary.

Established in late 2016, PushPullGive is founded based on an idea to combine the founders passion for fitness and giving back. We have a deep interest in bodyweight movements and we believe that we as human beings should move freely, confidently and without pain. Our personal training and classes focus on building core strength, functional muscle and mobility. Our 1st studio is located in the heart of Tiong Bahru. In late 2021, we spread our movement to the enchantment of River Valley where our 2nd studio resides.

As a social enterprise, we offer employment opportunities to young adults that come from a disadvantaged background. We give out fitness scholarships to help out young adults that may struggle to afford their fitness education, an opportunity to kick start their career in the fitness industry.

Join the fitter, stronger, kinder community.

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