We have designed our classes to explore all angles of human movement to allow you to move and feel better. Each class is curated by our friendly and qualified trainers, with every class being unique that aims to continuously push your boundaries. We focus on building strength, mobility and skills through functional training using bodyweight and equipment. Our classes are suitable for everyone regardless of age and experience.


Discover the freedom and play in movement you had as a child . Improve body mechanics, reduce injury and heighten body awareness . Learn the fundamentals of human movement . Expect to move with greater ease and fluidity.

Featured classes: Primal pilates, Mobility flow


Explore your body with your own bodyweight . Build muscular strength, and achieve better mobility and stability . Explore the art of calisthenics. Expect to master handstands, pull ups, muscle up, front and back lever and more.

Featured classes: Calisthenics, Yoga+cali


Invest time for your body to heal in preparation for the next training load . Reduce the risk of potential injury . Regain and improve functionality within a joint, muscle and movement pattern . Recover for improved performance.

Featured classes: Pilates restore, Flow & stretch


Build up resilience and total body strength through functional training . Improve endurance and get lean . Learn to use free weights and bodyweight exercises . Expect interval training and lots of sweat.

Featured classes: CORE+, TRX, SCULPT, LIFT

Class Packages

One Week Trial

  • One Week Unlimited
  • Trial week

Monthly Unlimited

  • 1 Month Unlimited
  • Cancel anytime


  • Single Session
  • Drop in


  • 11 Sessions
  • $26 per class


  • 22 Sessions
  • $22 per class


  • 33 Sessions
  • $18 per class

Buddy Share Pack 1

  • 30 Sessions
  • $22 per class

Buddy Share Pack 2

  • 50 Sessions
  • $18 per class
one week unlimited classes $55
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one week unlimited classes $55
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