We believe that every individual is different, and we are committed to working together with you in your personal journey to achieve your fitness milestone. Through having 1-to-1 coaching, you will embark on a personalised training program that fits your needs and keeps you accountable. Be empowered with the knowledge to take fitness into your own hands.

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Choose your type of personal training

Body composition

Build sustainable results . Customised fitness plan for muscle gain and fat loss .  Nutrition guide to complement your fitness journey.

Skill based

Receive instant feedback on your skills training . Training plan curated based on your existing level . Gain insights to unlock training roadblocks.


Bridge towards restarting your fitness post injury . Identifying weak links . Correcting postural dysfunctions . Restoring biomechanics and optimizing movements.

Start strength

Ease beginners into a fitter and healthier lifestyle . Develop muscular strength, physical endurance and mobility . Gain knowledge on different fitness regimens . Find confidence to train independently


  • Free Consultation
  • One-time


  • Single Session
  • Drop-in

10 PT

  • 10 Sessions Package
  • $115 per session

20 PT

  • 20 Sessions Package
  • $105 per session

30 PT

  • 30 Sessions Package
  • $95 per session
Complimentary fitness consultation
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Complimentary fitness consultation
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